Flagger Classes

oca-storeFlagger Classes for Associate Members

The Oregon Contractors Association offers regular flagger classes. The flagger class will help you to obtain your flagger certification card or renew an expiring certification.

Please keep in mind that the OCA only provides the flagging class; we do not provide flagging employment. However, when you become an Associate Member you can also register on our Flagger Database, where your name will become available to Contractors in search of flaggers in your area.

Become An Associate Member

To become an Associate Member – Click Here
Associate Memberships are being offered for $49.95 per year

Flagger Classes Dates & Times

Class Date:  Tuesday, June 11th — 1:30 pm – 6:30 pm.

The cost of the flagging class is $100.

Save $15 by pre-registering!  The pre-registration discount is only offered with online registration.


Missed Classes
If you pre-pay for a flagging class, you have reserved a seat for that specific day and the OCA pre-purchases your class materials for you. Therefore, if you pre-register for a flagging class and fail to attent that class, you may sign up for a different date at a reduced fee of $45. If you cancel your class reservation, a proccessing fee may apply. Click here if you need to register for a makeup class $45.00

Class Cancellations
We strongly recommend that you pre-register for the flagging class online. This will not only save you $15, but it also ensures that you are able to take the class. If you do not register online, you may be turned away on the day of the class if it is full. Classes may also be cancelled if very few students register by the weekend prior.

Classroom Location

Our flagging classes are held at
Highway Specialties’ office located at:
8970 Huff Ave Ne
Salem, OR 97303

The first entrance on the left when you pull onto Huff Avenue


Contact Us:

The Oregon Contractors Association (OCA)
PO Box 9105
Salem, OR 97305

Phone: 503-932-2600
Email: admin@orcontractors.org
Fax: 503-390-3498

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